Business Visitation Program

The Business Retention and Expansion program is reaching out to 100 businesses this year in order to calculate how these businesses view the economy of Springfield and Sangamon County.  These visits help the Chamber to understand the specific needs of local companies and to provide direction to those companies seeking and adding business services and programs to their operations.


Part of this is accomplished through the business participating in a Business Conditions survey.  The survey is designed to help gain a better understanding of our area employer’s business conditions, upsides and challenges.  This local emphasis with our economic development efforts recognizes the fact that the overwhelming majority of business growth and job creation comes from within our community’s existing base of businesses and employers.


This information will be used to create informational data and trend lines which will be provided to the business community and government leaders to help plan for the future economic development of our area.

To participate in the Business Visitation Program contact Josh Collins, Director of Business & Community Development, at or 217-525-1173.